Leadership and International Relations

Building on the extensive personal experience of the instructors, this seminar will explore the intricacies and importance of (personal) leadership in global affairs. It assumes that the quality of leadership, in addition to charisma and personality exerts considerable influence--positive or negative, constructive or destructive, individual or as a leader of a group.  After a theoretical and psychological as well as a historical introduction, the seminar will analyze select areas in which leadership matters:  multinational settings: i.e. the EU and UN; summitry: G7 or G8, G 20;  Specifically we shall examine also the post-war and independence negotiations in Angola, Mozambique, and East Timor, the case of the Iran nuclear negotiations, and the crises in and around Europe.  Specific focus will be offered to humanitarian and environmental issues; the dimensions of gender and culture;  e-/social media challenges.  A concluding workshop will be trying to develop in cooperation intergenerational key elements of successful leadership in today's challenging world.

Course Code: 
WWS 555C
Term : 
Fall 2015
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