LISD Launches New Research Groups Initiative

The Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination is launching a new initiative to deepen analysis of contemporary problems by connecting the research of our undergraduate and graduate student associates, Princeton faculty, and outside LISD experts, alumni, and non-resident associates. Interested participants should contact Julia Tréhu, coordinator and liaison for the Research Group initiative.

LISD focuses on issues of self-determination, especially pertaining to the state, self-governance, security, and diplomacy with particular consideration of socio-cultural, ethnic, and religious issues involving state and non-state actors. LISD Research Groups will apply these themes to topics of timely concern, and students are encouraged to suggest further areas in which their own research interests overlap with LISD’s work.

The purpose of the Research Groups is to further research and writing on a specific subject – beginning with those typically worked on by LISD faculty – and to motivate and bring together students, scholars and practitioners with similar interests, providing access to further resources for national and international study. The networks of complementary research areas created by these Research Groups are both a resource to draw on and contribute to. The success of the Research Groups will depend on the motivation and input of LISD students and associates, who are invited to contribute findings from previous classwork or research, develop independent research projects related to Research Group themes, and use the Research Groups as a source of further connections for independent work such as junior papers, the senior thesis, and dissertations.

Research Groups will work directly with the LISD director and faculty, creating a forum to collaborate and present work which eventually will flow into national and international discussions. Students who have shown exemplary commitment and high-level contributions may eventually be invited to participate at related international LISD colloquia.

Current Research Group themes include:

  • ISIS/Daesh: origins, causes, consequences, national and international policy
  • The Refugee Crisis in Europe and Beyond: causes, effects, possible solutions
  • Ukraine/EU-Russia Crisis: analysis of current conflict, potential solutions, ongoing issues
  • The “multiple interacting crises” paradigm in the EU: the combination of global financial crises, the Greek crisis, Ukraine, refugees
  • Impact of technology: on governance, conflict, and economic development