Policy Report Focuses on Role of UN in Protecting Children in Armed Conflict

A new policy report, "Strengthening Implementation of the UN's Children and Armed Conflict Agenda" addresses the role of the United Nations in protecting children in areas of armed conflict. The report has been issued as official UN General Assembly and Security Council document A/68/750-S/2014/91. The report is the result of a workshop co-sponsored by LISD, Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict, and the Permanent Mission of Liechtenstein to the United Nations, held at Princeton University on December 12-13, 2013.   

The objective of the meeting was to bring together international policy makers and actors engaged in implementation of the UN’s Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism to discuss specific, concrete, and targeted actions that can be taken within the framework of the UN’s Children and Armed Conflict agenda to put an end to and to prevent the recruitment and use of children by state actors and non-state armed groups, as well as to end and to prevent other grave violations against children. Recommendations in the report focus support mechanisms for the campaign to end the recruitment and use of children by government security forces by 2016; the role of partnerships in promoting the children and armed conflict agenda; and addressing other grave violations committed against children in situations of armed conflict, specifically attacks on schools and hospitals. The report also provides targeted recommendations for action to the Security Council and its Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict, the Secretary-General and his Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, UN member states, regional and subregional organizations and arrangements, and donors.

The workshop brought together representatives of UN member states, including members of the Security Council, as well as the United Nations Office of the Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, the Department of Peacekeeping Operations, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, members of the International Criminal Court, academics, and NGOs to discuss strengthening Security Council action on violations and abuses committed against children in situations of armed conflict. The workshop comprised a public session on Thursday, December 12, to introduce a wider audience to the plight of children affected by armed conflict, and three closed sessions on Friday, December 13.

This meeting was the second workshop at Princeton University on the subject of children and armed conflict convened by LISD, Watchlist, and the Mission of Liechtenstein. The earlier meeting, held in February 2013, resulted in the policy report, "Children and Armed Conflict: How to Deal with Persistent Perpetrators," and UN document A/67/794-S201/2013/158.