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Diocese of Newark

Having graduated from Penn State University in 1999 with a Degree in Labor and Industrial Relations, Father Bryan worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC until God called him to the priesthood, where he was ordained in 2006. As a priest he served in Our Lady of the Lake in Verona, NJ, then as chaplain to Rutgers-Newark & NJIT before being appointed to Princeton University as Chaplain to the University and Director of the Aquinas Institute. While at Princeton Fr. Bryan was a regular guest at PORDIR. Fr. Bryan participated in the 200th Anniversary of the Congress of Vienna, has been a regular at Liechtenstein Colloquiums on the Future of Europe. For the past 11 years, Fr. Bryan has the chaplain to Hard As Nails Ministries, an organization of preachers and missionaries known worldwide for their innovative approach to evangelization. Fr. Bryan is well traveled throughout Europe for both business and leisure and is looking forward to sharing his experience, relationships and knowledge of the Church to help expand the areas where religion can serve the good of the world.