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Jaqueline Gufford
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Jacqueline Gufford
Special Assistant to the Director
016 Bendheim Hall

Jacqueline Gufford is Special Assistant to the Director at the Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination (LISD). She graduated cum laude from Princeton University in 2017, where she studied early modern art history. Her research interests include cultural exchange, as conducted through and manifested in art and architecture, and the intersection of culture with religion and politics. Her undergraduate thesis “Uncovering Devotion: Interactive Flap Prints and the Crafting of Experiential Space in the Descrizione del Sacro Monte della Vernia,” investigated a Franciscan flap print book which constructs an immersive mental pilgrimage through a notable Franciscan retreat in Italy, with particular attention to the political and religious interests vested in the book's production during the early seventeenth century. Jacqueline has previously served as a Student Associate at LISD, and as the Teaching Assistant for LISD's PORDIR Student Fellows program. She has also interned at the Medici Archive Project (MAP) in Florence, Italy, and Huntington Museum in Los Angeles. At LISD, Jacqueline remains involved with the PORDIR Program.