Markus Schiller

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Markus Schiller
Founder and Director, ST Analytics GmbH
Research Field: 
Security Studies (Including Cybersecurity)

Dr. Markus Schiller holds degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering from the Technical University Munich and received a doctorate in astronautics in 2008, also from the TU Munich. Between 2006 and 2015, he was employed at the security and space consulting firm Schmucker Technologie in Munich. 2010/2011, he opted out for a fellowship at The RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California, where he wrote a detailed report assessing North Korea’s missile program. In 2015, he started his own consulting firm ST Analytics, focusing on space technology, security and threat, and – of course – rockets and missiles, including microlaunchers and other space applications, also offering expert opinions on New Space Start-ups. Since 2015, he also teaches a course on missiles at the Bundeswehr University in Munich.