Aug. 29, 2012

The Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination has been awarded a two-year grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York's International Peace and Security Program for the fifth consecutive time. The award will fund research on the future of Afghanistan and the region. "The Liechtenstein Institute at Princeton University is extremely grateful to the Carnegie Corporation for its ongoing support of our initiative focused on facilitating peace, stability, and economic development in Afghanistan and the region," LISD Director Wolfgang Danspeckgruber said of the award. "Over the past decade Carnegie's financial support has enabled LISD to develop a deep knowledge and unique institutional history related to post-2001 Afghanistan."

LISD’s project, “Economy, Infrastructure, and Capacity Building in Transitioning Afghanistan and Its Region,” will focus on analysis and policy-related research on economic development and civilian capacity building in Afghanistan, and constructive relationships between Afghanistan and its regional neighbors – especially Iran and the Central Asian states – as Afghanistan and the wider macro region adapt to the ongoing exit of international forces and related support structures. Project work will focus specifically on issues related to political economy, particularly at the local and provincial levels; infrastructure development and natural resources exploration and utilization; and broader strategic factors impacting domestic and regional security. These focus areas will be considered from domestic, regional, and geopolitical perspectives, and research will be demand-driven based on input from regional actors participating in the project, findings from research trips to the region, and on-the-ground developments.

Project objectives include:

  • Development of new models and the promotion of increased understanding of bestpractices facilitating economic growth and opportunity, and infrastructure development, and domestic and regional stability.
  • Creation of strategies for effective public and private partnerships to stimulate economic growth and stability within Afghanistan and the wider macro region.
  • Facilitation of opportunities and networks through which young Afghans will interact with each other, with their counterparts in the region and abroad, and with other established actors.
  • Incorporation of project policy recommendations by local and regional, and international actors.

Wolfgang Dansepckgruber is the PI for the project. The grant term will run through 2014.