May 1, 2018

Student Fellows in LISD's Project on Gender in the Global Community presented their year-long research projects at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs on Saturday, April 21, 2018. The presentations were made as part of an intensive Research Day with students of Professor Yasmine Ergas, Director of the Program in Gender and Human Rights of Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights. LISD's students presented their research projects undertaken as part of their participation in the Gender in the Global Community student fellowship in "Gender, Law, and Security." SIPA's students presented their research projects undertaken as part of the course "Gender, Globalization, and Human Rights." This was the first combined research day for both groups of students. 


LISD students present their research at Columbia University


Twelve undergraduate and graduate students from Princeton and Columbia presented throughout the day in panels that focused on reproductive rights, gender and migration, gender-based violence and discrimination, and political and economic empowerment. LISD students focused on a broad range of issues including the experiences of Iranian migrant women in Sweden, civil society in Syria and the role of women in the Syrian conflict, gender quotas in India’s local government institutions, gender and the peace agreement in Colombia, procedures for rape prosecutions at the ICC, and the persistence of a gender-gap in high-level leadership positions. SIPA students focused their research on gender policies and politics of neo-sovereigntist, authoritarian movements and governments, and students chose China, Singapore, the US, the UK, Egypt, and Tunisia as case studies.


LISD students listen to research presentations at Columbia University


The Student Fellows Program is an integral complement to work undertaken as part of LISD's Project on Gender in the Global Community. Student fellows are chosen annually from a variety of departments and programs and meet twice monthly on Tuesdays during the lunch hour throughout the academic year. The monthly meetings combine discussions of readings and students’ ongoing research, with presentations by invited scholars, policy makers, civil society representatives, and governmental and diplomatic practitioners. Over the course of the year, fellows pursue independent, academically rigorous research.

A selection of research papers by the Gender in the Global Community student fellows will be published this summer.