April 20, 2018

During a recent Liechtenstein Colloquium, LCM, Security Retreat on “European Foreign and Security Challenges”  at the Augustinian Monastery of Saint Florian - the first of it’s kind - LISD convened a historic coin-de-feu/fireside conversation. For the first time in OSCE history, all chairmanships from 2014 to 2019 including Ukraine, Switzerland, Serbia, Germany, Austria, Italy and Slovakia were present to offer their special impressions on the Chairmanship and the challenges associated with it. The representatives of all the chairmanships, all of whom served as Chair of the Permanent Council during the Chairmanships of their respective countries. 

Pictured above and from left to right: Amb. Ertuğrul Apakan; Amb. Radomír  Boháč; Amb. Alessandro Azzoni; Amb. Clemens Koja; Amb. Florian Raunig; Amb. Eberhard Pohl; Prof. Wolfgang Danspeckgruber; Amb. Vuk Zugic; Amb. Claude Wild; Amb. Ihor Prokopchuk.