May 6, 2019

Student Fellows in LISD's Project on Gender in the Global Community (GGC) presented their year-long research projects as part of a day-long symposium convened at Princeton University on Saturday, April 27, 2019. Students presented research projects undertaken as part of their participation in the GGC student fellowship in "Gender, Law, and Security." It was the second annual research day sponsored by the GGC project.        



Student presenting research.


GGC fellows presented throughout the day in panels that focused on gender and domestic political contexts, political leadership, and violence against women and women in conflict situations. Within each panel, students focused on a broad range of issues. The first panel focusing on gender and domestic political contexts featured senior Mikaela Gerwin who presented on the impacts of federal venereal disease health policy for Native American women during World War II, and senior Amanda Morrison whose research investigates intersections of feminism, state media, and protest in China. The second panel on political leadership featured presentations by MPA student Jennifer Johnson whose work focuses on the U.S. Department of Defense's mainstreaming of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda; MPP Grace Lee whose research centers on questions around the gendering of foreign ministries and diplomatic posts; and Katherine Powell whose research project looks at gendered provisions in the post-colonial constitutions of Ghana. The third session of the day featured presentations by juniors Sarah Gordon and Ananya Malhotra, who presented on the Hisba (the police force monitoring public morality in ISIS territory), and sexual violence perpetrated by UN peacekeepers in Haiti, respectively. 



Student presenting research.


The Student Fellows Program is an integral complement to work undertaken as part of LISD's Project on Gender in the Global Community. Student fellows are chosen annually from a variety of departments and programs and meet twice monthly on Tuesdays during the lunch hour throughout the academic year. The monthly meetings combine discussions of readings and students’ ongoing research, with presentations by invited scholars, policy makers, civil society representatives, and governmental and diplomatic practitioners. Over the course of the year, fellows pursue independent, academically rigorous research. It is co-convened by Beth English, director of the Project on Gender in the Global Community, and Barbara Buckinx, director of the Project on Self-Determination and Emerging Issues. The first student research day was co-convened at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs on Saturday, April 21, 2018, with students of Professor Yasmine Ergas, Director of the Program in Gender and Human Rights of Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights.

A selection of research papers by the 2018-19 cohort of Gender in the Global Community student fellows will be published this summer. An earlier selection of GGC fellows' work was published as the first volume of LISD's Student Research Series in summer 2018.