April 11, 2022

Allison Blauvelt offered an interesting presentation on “Art, Diplomacy, and Crime,” in Wolfgang Danspeckgruber’s (LISD Founding Director) Seminar on Global Diplomatic and Security Challenges (GDSC) on Friday, April 8. Allison, a first-year SPIA MPA student presented her research on the matter as part of a panel with Prof. Danspeckgruber and Attorney Edwin Stier, former Federal and New Jersey state prosecutor.

Allison Blauvelt

Blauvelt examined the economic, cultural, and political dimensions of cultural property.  She presented the range of crimes associated with art, such as looting, forgery, and vandalism, as well as potential opportunities for diplomatic engagement or pressure.  The Q and A session focused on the challenges and ethics of cultural property repatriation as well as the importance of cultural engagement in times of hostility. Participants in the discussion identified multiple avenues for future research, including the role of freeports in tax evasion, ethical frameworks to prevent weaponization of art, and the protection of historic sites in the time of great power competition.