Sept. 13, 2023

On September 13, the Liechtenstein Institute on Self Determination (LISD) hosted its annual Open House. During the event, LISD’s leadership and undergraduate International Policy Associates (IPAs) shared their perspectives on the value of engagement with international policy opportunities available on campus and beyond. 

“At the Open House, I shared with my classmates how my work and engagement with LISD has shaped my professional and academic paths,” said Sam Harshbarger ‘24, the Deputy Co-Chair of the IPA’s Research and Communications Committee. In his presentation, he discussed his involvement in research with LISD’s PORDIR project, the IPA’s 2022 trip to Brussels and Vienna and the Institute’s ties to his work in government affairs as an intern in Washington, DC. Other student speakers highlighted their experiences with meaningful internships and research completed through LISD support. 

Following the presentations, student attendees had the chance to discuss involvement with LISD leadership and IPAs at an informal reception Over fifty students attended to learn more about LISD’s offerings for student engagement, professional development, research and experimental learning opportunities. 

“I was able to connect with amazing faculty and student leaders to learn about the numerous foreign policy opportunities available,” said Ila Prabhuram, ‘27. “Learning about the student programs, events, global seminars, and projects that LISD spearheads was enriching, and attending the Open House made me even more excited to get involved with LISD and International Relations as a whole at Princeton.”

With contribution from IPA Uma Fox ’26.