Feb. 10, 2023

The Liechtenstein Mission to the UN (LMUN) has a long-standing relationship with the Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination (LISD) at Princeton University. In recent years we have worked together to advance dialogue on subjects including international criminal justice, sea-level rise and children in armed conflict, as well as ongoing work on self-determination in the context of the United Nations. As a result of this excellent collaboration, as of 2023, one Princeton student will have the unique opportunity to intern at the LMUN and work across key areas of Liechtenstein's engagement at the UN relating to peace and security, sustainable development and human rights.

LMUN interns are fully integrated in the Liechtenstein delegation and have the opportunity to gain an immersive experience in the work at the United Nations and its intergovernmental organs. Depending on your educational background and past experience, you will be assigned tasks with significant responsibility and thus be able to make a valuable contribution to the work of the LMUN.

Summer Internships at LMUN usually last for four months (May – August) and are unpaid, but Princeton students have the opportunity to apply for funding, including through LISD.  Applicants with a university degree (preferred), proficiency in English and German (other languages desirable, but not required) with excellent writing skills, relevant experiences in international relations and IT skills (including social media) will be considered preferably. If preselected, applicants are required to take a written test prior to a final decision.

If interested, please send your CV and motivation letter to Jana Peper, by March 9, 2023.