July 10, 2023

On June 29th, the Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination (LISD) hosted in Princeton a large student delegation from the Liechtenstein Business School at the University of Liechtenstein led by Dr. Bernd Schenk, Senior Lecturer and Academic Director. The visit revives a tradition of broader exchanges between the two academic institutions which had been on hiatus in the context of the Covid pandemic.

In a series of in-depth conversations with LISD Founding Director Wolfgang Danspeckgruber, the students expressed interest beyond their formal areas of study to consider how politics, governance, culture, and society all shape trade, innovation, and development; and in turn, raised questions about future security challenges, poverty, US-China-Europe dynamics, and the impact of artificial intelligence. At a lunchtime discussion with Professor Andrew Moravcsik and LISD Executive Director Nadia Crisan, the delegation gained additional perspectives on American academia and business culture. The full-day program showcased the interdisciplinary research and methods of LISD, provided an overview of American perspectives on geopolitics, trade, and society, and offered a unique experience to visiting European students to explore the history of the Princeton University campus and community.

Group photo with the University of Liechtenstein Student Delegation

LISD Director Andrew Moravcsik, Executive Director Nadia Crisan, and Founding Director Wolfgang Danspeckgruber with Bernd Schenk, Senior Lecturer and Academic Director at the Liechtenstein Business School and his student delegation, in Princeton.