May 3, 2024

2024-2025 Ethics of Policy Fellows Program

The new Ethics of Policy Fellows Program gives students the opportunity to ethically assess policies and provide guidance to practitioners for ethical policy making. 

Working in small groups, fellows will prepare policy briefs that cover relevant ethical considerations related to policy aims and implementation. The focus next year will be on (1) migration (e.g. DACA, deportation,...) and (2) the environment (e.g. sea-level rise, geoengineering,...), with the specific themes and policies to be chosen jointly by the Fellows in consultation with Barbara Buckinx, the faculty director. The program will conclude in the Spring semester with a workshop. Themes will change every year. 

The Ethics of Policy Fellows will meet every other week at lunchtime throughout the academic year. Fellows must join at least 75% of the meetings. The time commitment outside of meetings is 1-2 hours per week.

Students who are interested should submit the application form by Sunday, May 19, 2024. A background in policy, ethics/philosophy, or the themes for 2024-2025 (migration / environment) is preferred. Please contact Barbara Buckinx ([email protected]) if you have questions.