May 21, 2024

LISD hosted a lunch meeting with French Député (Congressman) Christopher Weissberg for our International Policy Associates (IPAs), along with other Princeton colleagues, on April 22, 2024. Weissberg, who is a politician in the National Assembly of France, specializes in transatlantic affairs through his role as the congressman representing hundreds of thousands of French citizens in North America. In the National Assembly, he also serves as head of the French-American and French-Canadian Caucus and a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee. 

Weissberg discussed relevant contemporary topics in light of his role as the député representing French constituents living in North Americans. Weissberg pointed to his career demonstrating the accessibility of French democracy. He likened it to his elected counterparts in America and underscored the nuances between French and American democracy and politics. Broadening the discussion to his current policy portfolios in the National Assembly, he highlighted efforts to enhance transatlantic cooperation. In his capacity as the lead of the French-American and French-Canadian Caucuses, his mission currently stands to improve bilateral trade efforts and economic cooperation despite pushback in the Assembly.

Noah Eshaghpour-Silberman '26, an International Policy Associate, remarked that in light of LISD's Paris trip in October 2023, he appreciated "Député Weissberg's recognition of parallel challenges facing the United States and France along with his emphasis on strengthening the bilateral relationship with indispensable ally."