Course Offering: POL 434: "Europe and the World"


A special offering of the seminar “Europe and the World”, POL 434, will be taught by Professor Ezra Suleiman, with frequent participation from Professor Wolfgang Danspeckgruber, Founding Director of LISD. 

The seminar deals with Europe and The European Union, and its relations to wider world. It first provides an understanding of the EU and it’s institutional set-up and governance structures. It then examines the relations between Europe and its neighborhood and the wider world. The aim is to assess the region’s role in promoting specifically “European” economic, social and environmental policy models, and values and to see the effects of globalization. Finally, we will seek to evaluate critical challenges confronting present-day EU and their effects : from Brexit, to immigration, nationalism, populism, the environment, to the role of China, the relationship between Moscow and Washington, and the EU’s new role in security dimensions.

The course will address topics such as: The Idea of Europe and of a European Union; Europe’s Key Institutions and How They Work; EU Enlargement in Perspective: Eastern Europe, the Balkan States, and Turkey featuring a guest contribution from Amb. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Seidt (frmr. Inspector General, German Foreign Office, Berlin); Europe, Islam, the Middle East, and Iran; The EU and the Developing World; Europe, the United States and the Atlantic Alliance; China in Europe; European Security & Defense; The EU and Russia featuring a guest contribution from Amb. Martin Sajdik (frmr. HR of the Trilateral Contact Group); Post Brexit new EU Initiatives in a Globalizing World; and lastly, Generational Divide, the Greens, the Nation State and Sovereignty.


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