The Renaissance of Self-Determination, LISD, Are Focus of WWS Article


In a new WWS News feature, LISD Director Wolfgang Danspeckgruber argues that the world is currently experiencing a "Renaissance of Self-Determination." Using recent self-determination votes in Catalonia, Iraq, Scotland, and Ukraine as examples of the resurgence of self-determination, Danspeckgruber argues, "Today we are confronted with a critical challenge: The global order as we have known it since 1945 doesn’t seem to work anymore; however, a new order isn’t established yet ... ‘Determine your destiny’ has obtained a powerful attraction again.” Yet, Danspeckgruber cautions, "a severe self-determination crisis can potentially weaken the state in question, and can destabilize its entire region," and "[w]hen coupled with disrupted communications, self-determination aspirations can sometimes also be instilled, and instrumentalized, by other powers." Mediation and private diplomacy are potential tools to prevent self-determination initiatives from escalating into severe crises, or from spilling over into violent, destructive conflicts, he argues, and offer the most potential to bring various parties involved in a self-determination claim together in earnest, meaningful discussions.

The full text of the article is available on the Woodrow Wilson School website.