A Triad of Principles for Today's Global State

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A Triad of Principles for Today's Global State

"After 40 years of following national and international news professionally......I have formulated three broad principles about the nature of the contemporary international situation, a triad, at the beginning of the 21st century. "

Wolfgang Danspeckgruber
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In this Commentary LISD Director Wolfgang Danspeckgruber discusses the emergence of a new international order, framed by a “global actors system” including states and non-state actors, individual actors, and corporations, rather than strictly by an “international system” with mainly states and nations as the key actors. The commentary identifies and analyzes three principles with which this international order should be understood and approached: 1) The old order does not seem to work any longer, but a new order is not yet established; 2) We live in a world where nothing is impossible; 3) We have to think the unthinkable—from outlandish political behavior to potential catastrophic terrorism.

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