Oct 26, 2006, 12:00 amOct 29, 2006, 12:00 am
Vienna, Austria


Event Description

“Creating Stability and Prosperity in Afghanistan and the Region,” was held October 26-29, 2006 in Vienna, Austria. Participants outlined critical issues currently facing Afghanistan in terms of the country's security, rule of law, mobilization of the economy, and border issues. The objective of this conference was fourfold: to consider the future of Afghanistan and the region as the country moves from immediate post-conflict (re)construction to address issues including sustainable peace, domestic stability, and economic viability as a nation; to develop new ideas for economic incentives, for training initiatives, and for building national capacity in order to combat narco-trafficking, facilitate legal exports, and enhance border security; to consider new initiatives that will address security challenges at local, national, and regional levels while also addressing broader challenges vis-à-vis the emerging international system; and to create ideas that will facilitate continued international commitment to and engagement in Afghanistan and the region, including the sustainable development of its economy, infrastructure, and energy capacity.

Approximately 50 leading experts participated from the US, EU, and the region representing academia, the diplomatic community, governments, and the private sector active in the region, including Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry, Commander, Combined Forces Command Afghanistan; Daan Everts, NATO Senior Civilian Representative to Afghanistan; Robert Finn, former US ambassador to Afghanistan and LISD senior research associate; Joschka Fischer, former Foreign Minister of Germany and LISD senior fellow; Thomas Koenigs, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Afghanistan; Francesc Vendrell, EU Special Representative to Afghanistan; and Hans Winkler, Austrian State Secretary. The colloquium was funded in part by a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the government of Liechtenstein.