Sep 3, 2021, 12:00 pm1:30 pm
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Event Description

Please join Wolfgang Danspeckgruber, LISD Founding Director, and international experts for an interactive seminar bringing in their views on and about Afghanistan and its current situation: “the why, the how, and – possibly - what now?”

This will be a first session of evaluation and information about the situation in and around Afghanistan; it will include short introductory remarks by the experts on the current situation's various dimensions and perspectives, relevant outside key actors, regional ramifications, and the goals of the Taliban, followed by an extensive Q&A to answer your questions and put issues in perspective.  

Student participation in the Q&A is encouraged.

Panelists include:

  • Ambassador Karl Eikenberry, LTG, Ret., former United States Ambassador to Afghanistan
  • Ambassador Dr. Robert Finn, former United States Ambassador to Afghanistan
  • Mr. Knut Hammarskjold, New York, Stockholm
  • Professor Charles Kupchan, Georgetown University
  • Professor William Maley, Australian National University
  • Professor Rani Mullen, William and Mary
  • Mrs. Barbara Stapleton, former deputy to the EU Special Representative for Afghanistan 
  • Dr. Masaru Tamamoto, Osaka
  • Professor Marvin Weinbaum, Washington

This is the inaugural Seminar on Global Diplomatic and Security Challenges (GDSC), a year-long interactive seminar, led by Wolfgang Danspeckgruber, in which students discuss select issues critical to contemporary diplomacy and security with invited eminent international representatives, experts, and academics in an interactive virtual venue. The seminar analyzes contemporary global challenges, such as the Covid-19 Pandemic, critical socio-economic and socio-cultural questions, as well as strategic issues and environmental challenges.  The role of leadership, generational perspectives, and new technologies and AI are considered. Participating students are invited to contribute to the selection of subjects. The year-long fellowship is open to Princeton graduate and undergraduate students.