Nov 4, 2022, 9:00 am11:00 am
019 Bendheim Hall



Event Description

While much attention has been paid to the neighborhood impacts of the Russian aggression against Ukraine (on the Western border of the Russian Federation) and the effects on global food, energy, and commodity markets, what is the current state of affairs in northeast Asia, on Russia’s Eastern border region? There are palpable increases in tensions around North Korea, missile launches and naval exercises, and rumors concerning weapons shipments to Russia. Japan has renewed security cooperation agreements with the United Kingdom, is considering long range weapon acquisitions and warns about security interference. All are engaged in a major arms buildup and militarization effort. China concluded its recent, historic, party congress – dangerous parallels between Ukraine and Taiwan are drawn daily. What strategic and self-determination implications do these comparisons hold? What does Russian society’s war mobilization mean for those in its eastern provinces? And what does the regional militarization and increase of chance of nuclear tests for the wider region, and the world? 

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