May 16, 1991, 12:00 amMay 19, 1991, 12:00 am
Vaduz, Liechtenstein


Event Description

The second Liechtenstein Colloquium on European and International Affairs, "Iraq’s Aggression Against Kuwait and the Implications for International Security," was held on May 16-19, 1991 in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. It was one of the first major discussive meetings after the Gulf War that had representatives of many of the major participants represented at one table. Discussions focused on the origins of the conflict and the evolution of the Iraq-Kuwait relationship, the battle for Kuwait, prospects and problems for the state of Kuwait, the development of a new order in the Gulf and wider Middle East, emerging aspects of Middle East regional security, the role of the UN and the Security Council, US global power, and collective security vs. balance of power.