Event Description

How can moments with potential for transformational change be recognized and acted upon? What can be learned from the dramatic change in efforts to loosen the grip of organized crime on public institutions in America in the 1960s, the reform of the Teamsters Union in the 1970s-1990s, and the current battle against corruption in international sports competition? 

Wolfgang Danspeckgruber, Founding Director of LISD, is pleased to invite you to this seminar featuring Edwin H. Stier, Esq. Reflecting upon his career in law - in private practice and at the state and federal level in New Jersey - Mr. Stier will consider three illustrative examples of recognizing and acting on the opportunity for change, weaving together the value of the media, cultural sensitivity, and understanding psychopathy. 

Send an email to Lauren Schwartz to join in-person in the Cyril Black Seminar Room, Bendheim Hall; or register here to join online via Zoom.


About the speaker

For 17 years, Ed Stier was a Federal and New Jersey State prosecutor specializing in complex organized crime and corruption prosecutions. He served as Chief of the Criminal Division of the NJ US Attorney's office and Director of the NJ Division of Criminal Justice. During his government career, Mr. Stier was responsible for convicting hundreds of racketeers and public officials, resulting in a dramatic reduction in the influence of organized crime on NJ government at all levels. 

After leaving public service, Mr. Stier founded a law firm specializing in conducting objective, carefully documented investigations. During almost 40 years in private practice, he has investigated a wide range of integrity issues throughout the United States including numerous civilian nuclear and nuclear weapons facilities; major construction projects including Yankee Stadium; the World Trade Center recovery effort after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack; as well as reform of the Teamsters Union. His findings have had significant impacts including the restoration of the NRC license to operate the Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station; and fundamental reform of the construction industry in New York and removal of organized crime control of Teamsters Local 560, reputedly responsible for the murder of Jimmy Hoffa. 

Mr. Stier served as counsel to the Academy Award winning documentary, Icarus, that exposed the Russian state sponsored doping scheme culminating at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games.