New LISD White Paper Analyzes the Present and Possible Future of European Cooperation

In the latest LISD White Paper, "Europe Today and What's Next," LISD non-resident associate Hannes Androsch analyzes the present and future of European cooperation from political, economic, and security perspectives.  Androsch argues that in spite of many challenges facing Europe today -- from Brexit and the potential breakdown of the European Union to the refugee crisis to security threats from Russia and non-state actors like ISIS -- that the EU "is a veritable success story, as this continent has never before experienced a period such as the past seven decades of democracy, peace and prosperity." The turn toward unilateral solutions to solve pressing issues is bound to be unsuccessful, Androsch asserts, and "[i]n fact, we need not less but more Europe."

Hannes Androsch was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1938. He was Austrian Federal Minister of Finance from 1970-1981, and Vice Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria, serving under Federal Chancellor Dr. Bruno Kreisky, from 1976-1981. Subsequently Dr. Androsch became Director General of CA Creditanstalt Bankverein (1981-1989), a major bank in Austria and Central Europe. Today Androsch chairs Androsch International Management Consulting GmbH (AIC), and is an industrialist involved in many corporations in Central Europe and Asia. Dr. Androsch has been dedicated to economic-political, socio-political, educative, and scientific-political matters. He chairs the supervisory board of the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). He has received numerous distinctions and awards, is author of several books and articles, and has instituted a major private scientific foundation in Austria.

LISD White Papers address a specific subject relevant to LISD’s work in a short-paper format discussing subject matter both conceptually and through real world assessments. Hard copies of the white papaers are available by request only.