Assistant Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Department of Politics and School of Public and International Affairs
409 Robertson Hall

LISD-Sponsored Projects

Emancipation and Slavery in Urban Buenos Aires (1810-1830) – Guadalupe Tuñón, Assistant Professor of Politics and International Affairs, digitized the full count of a handwritten census from 1810 Buenos Aires as well as the complete archival records from the city’s police for 1812-1830. Together, these data allowed for a characterization of the incarceration rates in the city for different racial groups and for an analysis of the effect of emancipation on incarceration in urban Buenos Aires during the early nineteenth century. This research is currently R&R at The Journal of Politics and is available here

Political Elites Across Regimes – Guadalupe Tuñón, Assistant Professor of Politics and International Affairs, developed a database of candidate-level electoral results for 3,000 of Brazil’s 5,000 municipalities from 1972 to 1992. The dataset covers the period before and after the democratic transition and includes all executive and legislative local candidates (a total of approximately 300,000 candidate-election observations. The data will be employed to study the electoral persistence of local political elites after democratization.