The theme of PORDIR 2022-2023 is “Human Security, Fundamental Rights, and Technology,” and is co-chaired by Prof. Wolfgang Danspeckgruber with Prof. Katherine Marshall, Georgetown University, Exec. Director, World Faith Development Dialogue, Vice President Inter-Faith Initiative of the G20 Forum.

The objective of the 2022-2023 PORDIR seminar is to explore the influence of religion, religious beliefs, values, secularism, and spirituality on the theory and practice in international diplomacy, development, in different systems of global politics and governance, particularly within the G20 realm. The SARS – CoV 2 Pandemic and the resulting public health and socio-economic effects, combined with environmental challenges throughout the G20 world are having a serious impact. PORDIR encourages participants to bring in personal experiences and perspectives combined with research and publication. Fellows meet weekly throughout the entire academic year to receive lectures and to exchange ideas. PORDIR fellows will interact with invited eminent representatives from distinct religious traditions, academia, communal, national, or ideological perspectives. This should contribute to their understanding related to socio-economic development, crises, communal politics, leadership and foreign relations, and the future – considering perspectives based on religions, spiritual interpretations, ideas, or values. Successful PORDIR Fellows will author a research paper which – if accepted – will be presented internationally within the G20. Specific emphasis is placed on intercultural and intergenerational relations, crisis- and conflict management, and the relationship between state and non-state actors. Gender issues and the role of advanced technologies are an important unifying theme and will have special focus this year.