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The project on State, Sovereignty, and Self-Determination addresses issues of boundaries, identity, variants of autonomy, governance, self-determination, self-determination's potential devolutive and state-shattering capabilities, and the...

Map which highlights European Union countries in blue and remaining countries in grey

The project on Europe and the World is a multi-tier endeavor founded within the Liechtenstein Institute with the intent of developing a deeper understanding of how an ever-changing Europe is understood by its neighbors and the world, with a...

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PORDIR explores the influence of religion and religious beliefs on international diplomacy, power politics, crisis and conflict management, and other activities of state and non-state actors.

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The project on Gender in the Global Community examines the functioning of gendered structures and norms in the international system, focusing especially on security, human rights, economic activity, and institution building.

BDI mapping project

BDI seeks to understand polarization in the United States and its global repercussions– including underlying root causes of power and inequality, identity, violence, extremism, the role of the economy, and of media and misinformation. 

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The project on the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe contributes to the regional organization's security dialogue, with a particular focus on emerging dynamics of security and generational perspectives. 

Refugees seek asylum by boat.

The Project on Self-Determination and Emerging Issues explores the intersection between self-determination and the topical concerns of migration, sustainable development, and the environment.

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The Crisis Diplomacy project studies the emergent "new" diplomacy of the twenty-first century by considering how post-Cold War global interconnectedness, non-state actors, and challenges from terrorism and piracy to humanitarian crises and...

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The project on Generational Perspectives on National and International Security aims to offer an audible voice to the next generations of leaders, in order to develop an inclusive definition of “security” while fostering dialogue and mutual trust...

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The project on Afghanistan and the Region is a multi-year, multi-phase initiative that focuses on state, security, and capacity building in Afghanistan from domestic, regional, and geopolitical perspectives. It is funded in part by a grant from...

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The project on Central Asia and the Caucasus focuses on issues including security, governance and corruption, energy policy and economic development, drug trafficking, human rights, and regional stability and power dynamics.

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The Arctic initiative is an interdisciplinary, multi-phase project focusing on issues including energy, natural resources and environmental concerns, strategic interests of the Arctic States, law and policy development, self-determination of...

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The International Criminal Court initiative investigates the role, responsibilities, and rights of the ICC in the global legal order and continues the “Princeton Process on the Crime of Aggression” dialogue that began in 2004 when LISD first...