Robert Gilpin and International Relations: Reflections

Danspeckgruber, Wolfgang (editor)
Mastanduno, Michael
Cohen, Benjamin J.
Gowa, Joanne
Wohlforth, William C.
McNamara, Kathleen R.
Falk, Richard
Deudney, Daniel
James, Harold
James, Marzenna
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The immense contributions of Robert Gilpin both to the study of international relations and in furthering the scholarship of others are reflected in this collection of essays by eminent political scientists. Gilpin’s “soft realist,” interdisciplinary approach has influenced generations of students and scholars in their study of international political economy, US foreign policy, international relations theory, the balance of power, the relationship between science and politics, and myriad other topics. That influence, and the richness of Gilpin’s work, are evident throughout the collection.

Balance of Power,
Foreign Policy,
International Political Economy,
International Relations Theory,