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Opportunities for students at LISD include:

To learn more about opportunities for students at LISD, please contact Executive Director, Nadia Crisan, at [email protected].

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LISD delegation at the White House
Andrew Moravcsik

Letter from the director

LISD supports events, classes, research, and publications about matters relating to self-determination in a globalizing world. We define self-determination broadly to include topics pertaining to the role of self-governance, sovereignty, security, diversity and diplomacy involving national, international and nonstate actors.

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Student speaking in classroom

Research Fellowships

Student-Alumni Engagement

Through most LISD projects, alumni often remain involved in the multitude of events and international conferences hosted by the institute's staff and researchers. Through this, graduate and undergraduate students are able to engage directly with Princeton alumni in a uniquely engaging and dynamic spirit and through the existing fabric of LISD alumni. 

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Breakfast with Helene Holm-Pedersen

Photo: Serena Vittorini

Research Assistants

Austin Colorite
Research Assistant

Austin Colorite completed the undergraduate program at the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs in 2021. His research interests include irregular migration, unaccompanied foreign minors, migration crises, and immigrant rights. His undergraduate thesis, Faith, Foreigners and Fundamentalism, sought to understand the…

Karen Gallagher-Teske
Research Assistant

Karen Gallagher-Teske is a graduate of the European Commission’s Erasmus Mundus Master’s Program in quantitative economics at the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium and the Université Pantheon-Sorbonne in France. Previously, she worked as part of the Financial Stability Board’s Secretariat in Switzerland on coordination of global…

Max Horder
Research Assistant, PORDIR

Max Horder is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in Anthropology at Princeton University. His overall research interests focus on Brexit, populism, polarisation, and the broader disintegration of trust in liberal-democratic institutions across Europe. He is also interested in both the legacy of the British Empire and how Brexit is reshaping…

Rikio Inouye
Research Assistant

Rikio Inouye is a Ph.D. student in the international relations subfield with a particular interest in security tensions and management in the Asia-Pacific regions.  His current research includes great power rivalry and vaccine diplomacy, as well as the impact of institutional legitimacy in the global order and hegemonic contestation.